Dennis Santiago is a recognized industry resource bringing expertise that enables organizations to reach their goals. He has worked with start-ups, middle stage companies, large corporations, government institutions and non-profits to create innovative and cost-effective solutions.

His ability to span the diverse disciplines of technology, industrial process design, competitive strategy, politics and regulatory compliance have consistently turned dreams and vision into solutions that generate revenue.

Early Career

I began my professional career as a military operations research analyst and project manager at Rockwell International’s North American Aircraft Division. From 1982 to 1991 I worked on global stability, arms control, and strategic warfare issues. I was fortunate to be involved in groudbreaking research and authored papers on strategic missile defense strategy and the utilization of heavy bombers in theater warfare. I was especially blessed to contribute to the arms control process that ended the Cold War.


Dennis Lewis Lord Santiago

Dennis Santiago is Chairman and CEO of Institutional Risk Analytics with responsibility for operations, analytics and product development. He has worked on fixed income, equity analytics, business and financial news and has a strong rapport with the market data industry.

After a decade in the aerospace industry (see Early Career), Dennis began a career in the financial information industry. He was appointed as Vice President, Corporate Development, for Data Broadcasting Corporation where he developed products such as the BondVu fixed-income securities analysis system and the InSite market data terminal. Dennis was one of the founding team members of DBC’s joint venture CBSMarketWatch.com. He as also served as Chief Strategy Officer for Chicago-based Zacks Investment Research and as Chief Technology Officer of Houston-based Telescan, Inc. where he oversaw the support of CNBC.com, Forbes, American Express, and others.

Taking a break from finance in 2001, Dennis joined Los Angeles based holding company CommonTech LLC to design and implementation of eCommerce business models. Ultimately serving as President of CommonTech, he led the infrastructure expansion of LuxuryLink LLC, a popular online travel and eCommerce business that saw the doubling of the company's revenues in 24 months. Dennis then participated in the founding of Cellar Markeing, an online transaction system designed to serve the complex wine markerting business space. He also developed the conceptual design for Audit Integrity, on of several "corporate behavior" testing services emerging in the wake of Sarbanes-Oxley.

Dennis holds a BSEE from the University of California at Irvine and an MBA from UCLA’s Anderson School.

Civic Involvement
Civic mindedness is a responsibiltiy of good citizenship. I have always believed that each of us must find an avenue to give back to society. I supported Project Rebuild LA in the early 1990's after the LA Riots. I then worked with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and the Los Angeles Sheriff's Office (LASO) assisting in the development of Community Policing initiatives during the mid-90'. I am currently assisting the City of Manhattan Beach in designing cost-effective approaches to addressing Homeland Defense.